Beginning of the Glory.

To all of you out there, who seek the remembrance of how Islam is today, Let us recap the grand story of the beginning of the struggle of ummah, long way back in the glimpse of history. 

the story begin in the middle of harsh sandy desert, where the nomad beduin, struggle with each other, fighting just for the name of their small clan..logically, how could this condition, one day, will rise the power of the world, the great empire, which control 2/3 of the world?

suddenly, the flame of Majusi, is out of the sight, the pillar of the roman palace collapse, the sign of the birth of the saviour, the last prophet, Muhammad. His legacy spread throughout the world. without him, how we can embrace islam, like we feel today?

it all begin with the first strategy that the prophet had used at the beginning of his da'wah, the topic that i want to share, da'wah siriyah, a.k.a, da'wah in secrets. The strategy that is necessary in the basic building of ummah, which is one lesson that we could learn from sirah.

During that time, mecca was the holy place for the arabs, there, all the guars and the idols were everywhere in the ground of mecca. Their culture were running for decades, from their ancestor to the new generation at that time in mecca. So they are so common with their culture, worshipping idols, bribery, drinking, and all the uncivilized things that happen at that time. Now we see, at that moment, to change the society was too impossible. what do you think, the prophet could do in such circumstances? 

a careful yet brilliant step was taken by the prophet. so, to build the strong ground, the prophet, searched for several  companions to make the da'wah become more stronger and effective. He's done it secretly, from his  wife, saidatina Khatidah, Ali bin Abi Thalib, his close friend, Abu Bakr, and to whom people, that reflects from them, kindness and truth. Some of them, replied to his da'wah without any objections. And they were called, assabiqun al-awwalun, the first people to embrace Islam. Some of them, were huzaifah, amar bin yaseer, and bilal bin rabah. All of them were secretly embrace Islam. 

The prophet, always meet them and teach them about the Islam. All of that were done secretly as it is the phase of secret and individual form of da'wah. The revelation were continued after the beginning of surah al-mudathir. The structure of the surah at that time were beautiful and so neatly arranged, so gentle, the arrangement were meant to the situation, and it feel solace, as it theme is for cleansing the soul. it also condemn us for obsession  to the negligence of the world. The verse tells us about the beauty of the heaven and the dangers of the hell fire as if it were presented in front of them. Giving them hope that the believers were very difference from the normal society at that time.

After three years of secretly planned da'wah, the result from this, give rise to the team of people, the believers that stands on the pillars of brotherhood and they are willing to help each other, working for presenting the call of Islam and strengthen the base of da'wah.

After three years, now the base that is well prepared by the prophet is ready to face the challenge as the da'wah change its way, change its maneuver to more open da'wah.

After all the story that had been written, what can we get from it?. maybe some lessons from this sirah is very use full to whom, who really understand and feel the sirah itself, or maybe someone who just read it, or heard it and, a new spirit came to him, but slowly, without the consistence guide, their spirit will fade away, or even worse, for someone who listen, but they just say wow, and nothing really happen to him. But, we can take a look from the story, how, the prophet build their core people, in the frontline of da'wah, not just the touch of knowledge, but also the call of Islam, successfully absorbed to their heart. For instance. the verse of surah that came down at that time really touch their heart, even the fierce umar al-khattab, melt down when he listen to the quran..

Other than that, one could not manage to work alone, instead, they need some companions to accompanies them, to face even the sweet or bitter part of the da'wah. Even the prophet, at the beginning if his Da'wah, the first thing that he did, was, gathering all the strength, from the closes family to the closes friends and also the potential people among them, especially the youth which is the majority of the people who convert to Islam at its beginning.

Likewise, the prophet taught us to be organized in every work, even in the building of the character of the ummah, the prophet taught us to begin our work steps of building the civilization of ummah is by the building of each character of the ummah, to be the true character of muslim, this steps could ensure that the muslim civilization or nation have the strong base of ummah that have strong understanding of Islam, thus they will strive for what they believed for.

Most important is that, the prophet can build the strong bonds between his companions, as before this, they were fighting with each other for their own caravan, the word "unity", as if they do not understand it. But, came the prophet, as the mercy to the mankind, the prophet manage to introduce the word "brotherhood" in Islam to these people, and this bonds were tied strongly, even stronger than the family relations. After all, their unity, give rise to several figures that are known until this modern age, such as umar -alkhattab, abu bakr, bilal bin rabah and many outstanding character could be produce. 

Last but not least, do not forget that we all are part of it. This is our story, our glorious story as a muslim, so, make sure that we learn from the past, and begin shaping for the coming glorious day of ummah.
make sirah as your teacher, understand it, feel it, and be part of it.